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The next few years is the rapid development of the critical period of wooden door industry
Promulgator: admin    Send date: 2014-07-07 16:51
The rapid development of China's wood industry, now has a certain scale, the present situation of wooden door industry visited several wooden enterprise to understand the status of the industry.
the next 3-5 years is a critical period of development of
         on the basis of a Wood Co. Ltd. is the marketing director said: "the wood industry foreground is very good, it's similar development in 2002 -- 2006 floor level of development, the annual output value is about 70000000000, the annual development along with about 30% the growth rate, can be said to be explosive growth. The next 3 to 5 years will be a critical period, who can sit on the market a few years."
technology talents is the zhenshanzhibao.
         a wooden responsible person analysis: wooden floor with different, to a certain extent, belongs to industrial products, can implement the full set of industrial machine production, and the wood needs Handmade, to a certain extent to arts and crafts. A wooden door responsible person said: "the wooden door is a labor of industry, and technical personnel in this industry is very valuable, in the future, craftsmen will be the enterprise zhenshanzhibao."
brand effect appeared in
         a wooden responsible person said: "at present, the most important and shaping the corporate brand, wooden door is not a known brands in the country, now the regional trend, the future is rely on the development of brand promoting enterprises, brand shaping the success or not will directly affect the development of the next few years."
standard is a big trend of
         Lin huimu products is responsible for that, now in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places, with the industrialization of residential construction standards, wood manufacturing is also beginning to standard process, building doors size will have a unified standard, still promotion, may the more backward a little. Lin Huimu product responsible person said: "this is a trend, there will be a period of time, I calculate the future 3-5 years will be a period of adjustment, who can seize the opportunity in the future will develop strong."
The industry in the period of the outbreak of
         on the floor, cabinets and other enterprises to enter the field of wooden door, Ou Wei building responsible person said, wooden doors of the development need time to accumulate, now the industry in a burst of be, you enter this industry is not surprising. Who can in a short period of time to seize the development opportunities in the future several years is crucial. China adage that specialize in, does not lack the fund large wooden enterprises and marketing personnel, but all the doors of the running system also need time, just to see if they can not keep up with the speed in a short time. In addition, because of the special production of wooden doors, for workers, technical requirements are complex, enterprises now mainly to do is make oneself strong.