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Market survey: Hand carved wooden doors and sought after by consumers
Promulgator: admin    Send date: 2014-07-07 16:45
         wood carving is the art of the development of human civilization, is the symbol of the wisdom of the ancestors. This ancient craftsmanship are vulnerable in the modern science and technology's impact, when people life level reached a certain standard, the quality of life requirements gradually improve, wood carving craft authentic again in the hearts of the people of sublimation. Home Furnishing decoration, hand carved wooden doors and highly sought after. In addition, the children, the wedding as the theme of wooden doors also favored by consumers.
hand carved wooden door market popular
         manual exquisite carving skills, true to life likeness of sculpture and painting, let the doors "board" image and in the hearts of the people. Art atmosphere enveloped the entire market, log mellow, seems to be in the clear notch free. Wood is not only a kind of essential Home Furnishing decorations, is a practical art, wood carving skills allow people to recover one's original simplicity of the natural life, into the "Richuerzuo, sunset and interest" comfortable life.
         a wood shop salesman said, decorative parts are carved, pure hand carved wood doors more elegant atmosphere, many wooden brand started in carving and color design seeks to change, see the carving patterns in some main solid wood doors and wooden signboard store can be wooden doors. In price, the seller said: "solid wood door belongs to high-grade door, add a handicraft fee because of the higher price, compared with ordinary paint free door, wooden doors, prices can double the poor." However, even if the price is higher, but the characteristic and natural wood pure hand carved or by consumers.
manual carving art charm
         decorative Chinese ancient carving quite prominent. This is conceived brought from the original arts and crafts birthmark, whether man or animal, but also in terms of its art, religious statues or architectural sculpture, generally reflects the tradition of decorating fun.
         sculpture and painting is one of the wooden doors, carved patterns at the same time, with a different color to reconcile, create different mood. Artists use art perspective to observe the world, to observe the life, become rich for simple; in the performance of life, change simply for the rich. A successful artist is good at capturing and found that clear, jumping and rhythmic color blocks, and used to color language concise, highly generalized extreme, to create a harmonious and romantic artistic realm.