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Three indexes to evaluate the quality of the wooden doors of the brand
Promulgator: admin    Send date: 2014-07-07 16:42
         wooden doors in the industry market has been well received by consumers, but for wood quality, many consumers do not judge. So, how to select and evaluate a wood quality?
         in the selection and evaluation of a wooden brand quality, look at the three major indexes: process, quality, performance.
         the quality of the products, we must rely on the professional experience and advanced processing equipment, the processing means of modernization, with scientific quality management system and strict style of work, the product has maintained a high quality.
         strict selection and first-class quality is only one aspect of quality, on the other hand is artistic design. Wood is not only the room partition, should be more decorative works of art. All design styles of wooden door should have its design philosophy and culture connotation, when entering the room, feel the wooden door of the cultural connotation and artistic charm.
         painting not only for the surface treatment to improve wear resistance and perception of wooden doors, but to the excellent environmental performance. Installation requirements of integrated installation of doors and Mentao, shorten the installation time, eliminate noise and environmental pollution, realize the factory processing.
The performance of
         after the double protection technology and quality, the doors of the performance will be a test of whether the product is qualified, if the last operation need how many kilograms, it can bear the impact deformation degree, standards, environmental indicators, product moisture content etc, but consumers do not have to worry about, because the professional level of the wooden door manufacturers to provide testing the authority of the State Department of inspection data and national standards, as consumers in the choice of reference.