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new Aite doors joining policy

, qualification 1, brand awareness, to accept the "new art" business philosophy and corporate culture, obey the unified management of the company;
2, long-term cooperation, a good store management experience; have decorative building materials industry experience is preferred;
3, have a strong sense of professionalism and the successful attempt, have good business ethics and business reputation, social resources are more abundant;
4, have good financial strength, good at innovation and learning;
5, in large shopping malls, building materials market stores, area composite joining requirements;
6, according to the requirements of the drawings decoration stores, match the sample, make unified image;
two, qualification standard provincial city samples the first year of purchase



county-level city

store area

150 metres above

100 metres above

70 metres above


not less than 30000

not less than 20000

not less than 18000

advertising investment

of not less than 50000

of not less than 30000

of not less than 20000

sales team for




not less than 600000

not less than 450000

not less than 300000

three, shop to support policy provincial city according to the sales target rebate


making making making making making making support policy

sample support making making

free samples (need to pay the total amount of samples and samples with margin), according to each order of 5% of the amount of return customers, return date.

. Repair
The complement


city classification


county-level city

subsidy standard

500 yuan / square

300 yuan / square

200 yuan / square



decoration for the subsidies subsidies, to 5% of the amount of each order return (single and below the floating price Engineering Single except)

ad supported

after approval by the company's advertising investment, according to 50% of the total amount of support to franchisees, according to 10% of the transaction to return the franchisee (single and downward price engineering single exception, shall also provide advertising company contact, advertising pictures, invoice, company field trips).


all rebate not double return, with a maximum of three years; first, and then sample return advertisement, decoration subsidies;

making making making making making making making annual reward and support

is not complete sales target

no rebate

to achieve sales target


in excess of the rebate according to the 2%

reward: 1 sales target for the contract period of annual sales, has lower price is not included in the sales order.
2 application object: this policy applies only to the company signed an agreement and direct distributor.
3 year-end awards according to the payment in the form of settlement, do not pay in cash.

joined the responsibility 1, strictly abide by the management contract, unified brand image.
Only sales company supplies 2, store products.
3, regular or irregular accept company training and study hard.
4, actively cooperate with the company brand pre-sales, after sale of the whole operation.
5, accept the inspection and supervision company product management system.
6, timely feedback to the company market information and recommendations.
five, support policy
1, the regional advantage: the company awarded in the designated area has exclusive rights to the agent.
2, company location analysis, according to store the structure diagram, unified design style decoration.
3, companies in the distribution store opened in front of the city separately provide quantitative related brochures, leaflets, product labels, the sales contract, bag, poster, color, brand authorization and all kinds of training materials and sales of accessories, gifts.
4, companies to provide - quality certification, certification of environmental protection and the company's various business certificate and a certain quantity of installation staff clothing and other items free of charge, quantity, specifications can be according to the actual needs of the. Such as dealer extra quantity, the company can supply at cost price.
5, according to local consumption habits to effectively guide the agent to provide sample door pick, goods display, store image.
6, for the agents to provide long-term business consulting service support, such as in the shop operation, personnel management, merchandising, sales skills, expand sales, improve performance and other aspects of consultancy and promoting guidance.
7, the company all the year round in Baidu brand promotion, search portal net and other well-known network platform, convenient for consumers to find the door, let the terminal owners automatic door, very conducive to sales agents.
8, the company has a professional marketing team with regional marketing plan. The company does not regularly assigned sales agents to assist the development of the market.
9, establishing a scientific and perfect training management system, every year held senior sales manager, training time, the company provided free training during the accommodation and catering.
10, in principle, not to send technical personnel on-site training, by agents sent staff to the company on-site training, such as the new shopping guide, training time of 3 days, do not collect training fees, transportation and meals and take care of themselves, the company provided free training during the accommodation.
11, the company does not regularly for the agents to provide relevant wood products, market operation, brand shop management and other aspects of information.
The establishment of computer information management system, the 12 strong company, to form the channel of information feedback and market research mode effectively, through the investigation of market, analysis, forecast, made to the changes of the market can make judgment and decision making and fast.
six, join
1, four in one, the industry's first exclusive marketing mode, terminal success

new Aite overall Home Furnishing museum experience, with wooden doors, Home Furnishing, stairs, wall panels and other four series products, well-proportioned layout, dealers profit will be significantly increased, but also in the doors of the increasingly competitive market increased two;

2, every year many crazy promotion, launched the dealer sales promotion plan

company launched a year of many sales promotion, to further promote the dealers in the sales season and the off-season store turnover, improve the brand market share and reputation.

3, regularly held a series of video training and activities to prepare to explain

is composed of professionals every year regularly organized network live video lectures, mainly on the aspects as: store retail skills, marketing idea, product knowledge, terminal business training.

3, the quality of security, service first Each product

new Aite doors have experienced a unique process, each kind of material are well-known brands. "0 tolerance" quality inspection system protect the appearance of each door are qualified.

4, free of charge to assist dealer network propaganda, maintenance

increase support dealer network propaganda, in your area by network staff our professional help you publicity, and in the local mainstream media network helps you to put all the local network, let customers know our brand in the first time, let the customer know the first time our promotion policy. A more effective, more convenient for you to increase the popularity and publicity.

seven, support:
1, advertising support: the company targeted advertising, raise a brand famous degree.
2, marketing support: the company has a strong marketing planning department, regular planning national linkage promotion activities; at the same time, also can cooperate with local independent regional planning activities.
3, business support: headquarters opening the program, if necessary, the company sent professional planning publicity team to assist business guidance and provide some publicity support.
4, the daily operation support: the agent may at any time by phone and network, related advice.
eight, joined the shop flow
1, to join intention to fill out the "application form" to join
2, according to the company, the applicant area and management ability to evaluate and reply. If accord with the requirement, the company to the applicant invitation to visit the company, rubbing test, discuss union matters.
3, both sides negotiate to determine the depth, the details of the cooperation, join operators to pay the sample deposit, and formally signed a distribution contract to join.
4, agents submit store photos, plans, fill in application form of decoration design.
5, data archiving, companies began to design the store renovation plans, agents with decoration companies and enterprises with various types of decoration materials decoration manager.
6, the agent to handle the required licenses, and apply for the pre opening post training (sales, designers, surveyors, installation personnel, after sale service personnel)
7, enterprise planning business plan, material, manpower, agents ready to start advertising, public relations activities, sent to assist the enterprise to give.
8, the franchise business, the company will guide the long-term operation.
ten unified image 1, a unified position;
2, the unified management;
3, the unified training;
4, a unified marketing;
5, the uniform code;
6, the unified characteristic value of family services;
7, the unified service system;
8, the unified service process;
9, a unified advertising;
10, the unified image of the store image.
ten, on the user's "eight service commitment"
1, our doors are strictly implement the "wooden door" national industry standards, will not allow substandard products into the market, to enter the market.
2, we need wood for environmentally friendly products, users will not damage the health.
3, our doors are mechanized, factory production as the premise, with advanced technology, reliable quality, the internal structure of open, standard decoration materials.
4, buy our doors, please approval, if the quality standards do not conform to requirements, can adjust.
5, users to buy our doors, we are responsible for the product. We provide fast and reliable service, and provide one year after sale service.
6, we as a global project schedule service, guarantee under the terms of the contract on time delivery.
7, in the warranty period, if quality problems, we have 48 hours to come up with solutions, aiming at the problems resolved in a timely manner.
8, we are willing to accept the inspection and check the relevant departments for supervision and management department.