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About us
        Company was founded in 1999, is located in the beautiful coastal city - Qingdao, the company close to 204 National Road, with the same three, Qingdao, Jiaozhou Bay high-speed docking, away from the Qingdao International Airport is only 30 kilometers.
        Products of our company are mainly located in the upscale solid wood doors, solid wood composite door, have a high starting point the business goal, the company has diversified design principle of the design team, skilled staff, assembly line production equipment professional. With advanced technology, management, in order to make design, manufacturing, marketing, service one-stop mode of operation.
        Company emphasizes "customer oriented, pragmatic and progressive" business philosophy, and strive to provide customers better, at the same time, and constantly improve themselves, to optimize the management and operation system, to enhance the consciousness of modern enterprises, the image of the brand concept.
        Company, and constantly develop new products, and strive to build with poor quality products, design at the appropriate time with appropriate, so that thousands of households enjoy new Aite careful.
        New York -- people with to the customer the need, the safest, most suitable for the service concept of diligent work, warmly welcome friends to visit the guide, business negotiations, the company is willing to work with customers to open door industry new milepost.

Concept of brand
        Brand interpretation: innovation, promote the door art quality living environment, rich cultural connotation. Let the door not only become a connected space media, has become a very productive art, can use, can appreciate, collection. Follow the decoration trend, leading the decoration trend, matching with the Home Furnishing style, achievement of your art Home Furnishing, for your art life of a wonderful. Open the door every day, happy every day.
Product concept:Refine on quality first, beauty, and art, that covered every corner.
Business philosophy:Pepsi letter based, executive, pay attention to service, embody the humanistic details.
Service concept:Respect for customers, understanding customers, only different kinds of products, no different god. Continue to provide products and services that exceed customer expectations, improve the service system, be customers and partners forever.
Management concept:The mall is ecological system, is not a battlefield; company is a community, not the machine; management is service, not control; people oriented, management is action, win in the implementation.
Talent concept:Talent is the most valuable wealth. Not to stick to one pattern give full scope to the talents. Promote the individuality innovation and team cooperation.